About Me

WikiStaffPhotoI am a rising 3L at Notre Dame Law School and a summer intern at the Electronic Frontier Foundation. My past legal internships have been at the Wikimedia Foundation and the Copyright Office’s Office of Policy & International Affairs.

I am pursuing a career in intellectual property, data privacy, and technology law. I am especially interested in how the law is changing (or should be changing) in response to emerging technologies in order to further innovation and the public’s access to knowledge. I’m especially interested in copyright, free speech, government surveillance, consumer privacy, and the Internet. I’ll be writing about these and other tech/legal issues here.

I am a 2014 alumna of Holy Cross, where I majored in Classics. I had a wonderful mentor who got me interested in open-source software and free culture, and taught me how I could be use XML to capture the complexity of fifth-century B.C.E. Ancient Greek inscriptions. He leant me his copy of Lawrence Lessig’s Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace, I applied to law school, and the rest is history.